Numath Research Program

A complete guide of the Numath research program.
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Stability Analysis

Research BiGlobal stability analysis uses a linearization of the Navier Stokes equations to extract the stability properties of a quasi-stationary two-dimensional flow. Using a Fourier …


Multiphase Flow

Research Homepage Figure 1 Liquid Evaporation Our Multiphase Flows group is interested in the modelling and simulation of complex multiphase multicomponent flows. Multiphase flow is …


Mesh Generation

Research Homepage The ability to modify a pre-existing computational mesh is a common requirement in many areas of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) such as aeroelasticity …


High Order Methods

Research Homepage Our field of expertise in high order methods includes pure spectral methods, hp spectral element methods and high order DG methods (both nodal, …


Energy Measurements

Research Homepage Hardware and software for energy measurements in Buildings Our group holds patents related to devices and systems to monitor and to reduce energy …


Complex Systems

Research Homepage Our research line in complex systems science focuses both fundamental and applied questions in graph theoretical description of signals and dynamics, phase transitions …


CFD Industrial Applications

Research Homepage In addition to develop our own codes also use commercial software to solve problems both academic and industrial (aeronautical, aero-acoustic…) applying our knowledge …