About Us

NuMath (Numerical Methods in aerospace technology) is a research group belonging to the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering (Polytechnic University of Madrid). The objective of the group is to develop new numerical methods to improve several aspects related to the aerospace technology.

The current research lines of the group include stability analysis, multiphase flow, high order methods, industrial applications of CFD, mesh generation and complex systems. The group is composed by an international group of physicists, mathematicians and engineers. Nationalities present in the group are: Portuguese, German, English, Italian, French, Argentinian, Polish, Finnish and Spanish.

Our group collaborates with universities and research centers all over the world such as FSU from the United States, Monash from Australia, Imperial College from England, ONERA from France

Besides, NuMath is also strongly involved with several enterprises such as Airbus, Repsol or NextLimit through different collaboration projects.